Weekly Update 5.30.19

I am what I eat

I want to be really clear I have no interest in wading into the many schools of thought on what runners should or should not be eating for optimal performance.  If you google it you can find more answers that perhaps you would ever want to know (I can’t find the eat ice cream diet on this list sadly).  More what I wanted to begin this email with is the reminded of how important it is to be thoughtful about what you eat.  No matter your school of thought on what is most important for runners to eat, what is really important is that you are intentional about fueling your body.  As runners we ask our bodies to perform and do more than what many people ask of their bodies daily, and we need to be sure that we are properly fueling for performance, recovery, and overall health.
Group Run: We will meet at the Community Gym in Cedarburg 7am Saturday morning, and head out on the “Rustic Road Route.”  You can see the full route if you follow the group run link to our website.  There will be water and Gatorade on the route, but feel free to carry what you need also.

New mailing list: Each spring we update our mailing list, which makes sure that those who want to get our emails are kept in the loop, and that we have a waiver signed for each runner for our group.  Please sign up for our 2019 mailing list to make sure that you keep getting these weekly updates.  We will begin using the new mailing list June 10th, so please be sure you are signed up for the 2019 mailing list to be sure you keep getting these messages.

Hydration Drive: It’s that time of year again.  As a run group we have no dues or membership fees of any kind, but about twice a year we ask for runners to donate for the supplies that will be out on route each week.  I would ask that in next 3 weekends you bring a case of Gatorade to help supplement our supplies that go on our routes each week.  I am doing ok on cups, and still have 5 more cases of water from our last drive, so just Gatorade needed this time please.

Per usual, hang around after our run for a cup of coffee at Fiddleheads!!!

[email protected] Ozaukee