Group Run 6-3

Spring is Here!!!
Feels weird to say this as we enter June, but it finally feels like running weather outside, and that spring is really coming!!! You are getting this email as part of our new mailing list, so thank you for updating your contact information, and please make sure to let anyone who did not get this know if they head to:, they too can sign up!!!

Group Run: We will meet at the Community Gym in Cedarburg 7am Saturday morning, and head North on the “John Taylor Route.” You can see the full route if you follow the group run link to our website. There will be water and gatorade on the route, but feel free to carry what you need also.

We are now on our summer schedule so there will also be a social run each Tuesday evening at 6pm starting at the Cedarburg Community Gym.

Run, Run, Run: Summer and fall are traditionally race time, so please let us know what races are on your schedule, so we can cheer you on!!!

Per usual, hang around after our run for a cup of coffee at Fiddleheads!!!

[email protected] Ozaukee

Saturday Run 5-27

Good morning crew!!!

We are headed into Memorial Day weekend, the official start of summer sort of.  Fire up the BBQ,  grab a cold beverage, and hopefully enjoy some time and space to relax and catch your breath.  Onto our weekend and upcoming events!!

Just a reminder that we are cleaning out our mailing list!!!  This is your last email unless you sign up  for our mailing list.  This also will allow us to update our waivers and better connect with and serve all of you.  Take minute this week to add yourself to the mail list!!!

Saturday Run: We will meet at the Cedarburg Community Gym at 7am and head out on the Bike Path towards Grafton on the “Fire Ridge Route.”  The route is about 12 miles and there will be water along the way.  If anyone is looking for some early miles I (Bill) will be at the Gym parking lot at 5:40am for 8ish early miles.  Please send me a note if you want to join me.  As always hang around after at Fiddlehead’s for a beverage of your choice and to talk life, running, or whatever comes up that day.

Tuesday Summer Runs!!: This week started our Tuesday summer runs.  We will meet at the Community Gym at 6pm on Tuesdays for a 5-6 mile social run, so come on out to join us if you can.

Have a great week and hope to see you soon!!!

Bill @ Run Happy!!

Tuesday night runs!!!!

Good morning crew, two things to start your day:

  1. We are going to start our Tuesday night social runs today!!!  Meet at the Cedarburg Community Gym parking lot at 6pm, for a few easy miles together.
  2. We are cleaning up our mailing list and updating our waivers, and the best part for you it’s all in one.  So on June 1st, unless you have signed up to continue getting these messages, you will not get them anymore.  This will help us see our active listing, and for those who are not wanting to get these messages, they won’t anymore after June 1st.
So here is what you need to do: Head to our website.  Click on “mailing list” and complete the form.  That’s it!!  You will keep getting our weekly messages even after June 1st.  We have also added components to our webpage so that you can see our posts always.  Have a great week, and a good first Tuesday night social run!!!

Group Run 5-20

Good morning crew on this warm and humid May morning!!!  Spring is finally here!!!  Just to start congrats to Lucy and Christina who ran the Ice Age 50 mile trail run this past weekend!!!  What an achievement!!!

Summer Preview: We are going to try out mid week social runs this summer starting the second week of June (June 13).  More details to come, but like a 6 or 7pm run that is either speed work, or an easy 5-6 mile route.  More info coming, but just to preview that.
Group Route: To me this warmer weather and the tree and flowers budding begs for us to run Rustic Road.  We will meet at 7am at the Cedarburg Community Gym, then head for the Rustic Road.  The route is about 11 miles and will have 3 water buckets along the course for this weekend, but as always feel free to carry your own fluids, as the buckets have been known to walk off.  Afterwards, plan to stay around for a cup of whatever sounds good after a run from Fiddleheads.  Have a great week and hope to see you Saturday!!!

Group Run 5-13

Good afternoon on this sunny and warmer day!!!  Spring is trying to come out, races are upon us, and many of you are running more and more miles.  That all said hopefully you can come out and join us for our group run this weekend.  It’s a chance to socialize, connect, chat, oh yeah and get some good miles in!!!  Now onto the run:

Group Route: We will meet on Saturday at 7am @ Sal’s and head off on the “Cedar Creek Route.”  That route is just over 10 miles, and there will be water and Gatorade on the route per usual, but as always feel free to carry your own fluids, in case the bucket bandits make off with our supplies!!!
As always hang around after at Fiddleheads for a cup of coffee and talk running, family, and more with a great beverage.

Group Run 5-6

Good morning crew on this cool “spring” day.  Baseball season is going, the draft has happened, so Packers fans can begin to dream of the season ahead, and race season is upon us.  Starting now till October there are races of all kinds most every weekend, so please let us know if you are running so we can cheer you on and celebrate your accomplishments!!!

Run Route: Who doesn’t like hills ??  This weekend we will meet at the Cedarburg Community Gym parking lot @7am to take on the “Grafton Route” which is about 10.5 miles, and of course is not totally flat.  There will be water and gatorade on the course per usual, but feel free to carry whatever fluids and fuel you may need.
If you are able hang around after at Fiddlehead’s for a cup of whatever sounds good to you!!!  Have a great week, hope to see you all this weekend!!!

Group Run 4-29

Hey group, hope you are enjoying the spurts of sunshine between the clouds and rain!!!  Weather will be nice for running this weekend, a little cooler, but should still be good running weather.
Route map: This week we will head out on the “Fire Ridge Route,” on the interurban trail, which is you run the whole thing is about an 12 mile run.  Water and Gatorade will be on the course per usual, but feel free to carry your own fluids.  Also hang around afterwards for coffee or your beverage of choice at Fiddlehead’s.
Race this weekend: Just a reminder that the Deer Run 5k/10k in Brown Deer is this weekend if you want to come out for a nice hometown run.
Upcoming Event: Attached is a flier that Linda shared about a great upcoming event at the Cedarburg Library that could be of interest, so be sure to take a look at it and mark you calendar if you are interested!!!
As always let me know what you are running so we can cheer you on, as you run/bike/swim races of all kinds and lengths!!!  Have a great week and as always Run Happy!!!

Group Run 4-22

First of all lots of Run Ozaukee runners have been out representing and crushing their races.  Congrats to Lucy Burke and Christine O’Connor for completing the McNaughton/Potawatomi 50 mile trail race, as well as Keith Sohr, Nora Miller, and Kyle Hoops on completing the Boston Marathon on Monday!!!  Hope you all enjoyed the victory lap from all your hard work and training!!!

This weekend Doug Temple and Craig Toerpe are headed off to Champaign-Urbana to run the Illinois Marathon!!!  Hope weather cooperates and you both have a great and enjoyable race!!
This week’s route: This weekend we are headed out on “John T’s Route” which is about 10.5 miles or so.  There will be water set out at three places on the route, but please feel free to carry your own we had our first water bucket stolen off our route in nearly 2 years, but sadly it still happens sometimes…
Plan to hang around and grab a beverage of choice at Fiddlehead’s after our run.  Have a great week and hope to see you out there Saturday.

Group Run 4-15

Good morning crew!!!

I think that spring has finally sprung, and that means great running weather!!!!  It also means that the iconic Boston Marathon is running this coming Monday, and we have two runners from Run Ozaukee running it!!!  Keith Sohr and Nora Miller are headed to Boston, have a great race both of you, enjoy the historic course, and the incredible achievement, as well as all the hard work you both have poured into the preparations for this race, and qualifying for it. 

This Week’s Run: We are headed out on the beautiful “Rustic Road route.”  This route is just over 11 miles, and we should have near perfect running weather for Saturday.  Meet at Cedarburg Community Gym parking lot at 7am, bring a friend, your neighbor, or co worker for a great run this weekend!!!

As always hang around for a beverage at Fiddleheads just down the road from where we meet.  Have a great week and Easter weekend!!!