Running Routes


Each week, there is a designated route that is selected for the group, typically 9-11 miles in length.  This can be easily shortened or lengthened before or after the run.  Simply meet at 7am in the Cedarburg Community Gym parking lot on Washington Ave. across from the Interurban Trail Bridge for introductions and a brief course description and location of the hydration buckets along the running route.  There is often Gatorade and water supplied in 2-3 locations along the run, but you are free to carry your own if you wish.  *Note:  At times during the year when Cedarburg is busy with festival activities, we will choose an alternative meeting place that will be communicated via email prior to Saturday’s run.

The following maps show the running routes and associated mileage for you to review and reference.


5-7 Mile Routes

Cedarburg Route
Hawks Landing Route
Craig's Route

8-10 Mile Routes

Cedarburg / Mee-Kwon / Wauwatosa Rd / Bridge Rd Route
Kaehlers Mill Route
Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Route
Keith's Route

10-12 Mile Routes

Mee-Kwon Golf Course Route
Pioneer/Granville/Bonniwell Route
Grafton Route
Cedar Creek Route
Mink Ranch Road Route
John Taylor's Route
Path/Grafton Pool/John Taylor Route
Lake Shore Route
Rustic Route
Cedarburg to Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Route
Cedarburg Grafton Route
Natalie’s Route
Cemetary Route

12-13 Mile Routes

Fire Ridge Route
Covered Bridge Route

15-16 Mile Routes

County Line Route

19-20 Mile Routes

Port Bike Path Route

20-22 Mile Routes

CUW to Milwaukee Art Museum Lakefront Marathon Buildup Run Route