Weekly Update 5.16.19

New mailing list and gear survey

Congratulations to Lucy (50 mile PR), Nicki (50K) and Tera (Half marathon) on your achievements last weekend!  Way to represent Run Ozaukee.  Good luck to Doug as he is running Ragnar this weekend also.

Gear Survey: We are looking at having another order of Run Ozaukee apparel this summer and wanted your input on what 2-3 key items we might order.  Please share your thoughts by following the “gear survey” link.

New mailing list: Each spring we update our mailing list, which makes sure that those who want to get our emails are kept in the loop, and that we have a waiver signed for each runner for our group.  Please sign up for our 2019 mailing list to make sure that you keep getting these weekly updates.  We will begin using the new mailing list June 10th, so please be sure you are signed up for the 2019 mailing list to be sure you keep getting these messages.

Group Run: We will meet at the Community Gym in Cedarburg 7am Saturday morning, and head out on the “John Taylor Route.”  You can see the full route if you follow the group run link to our website.  The goal is to get out on the Rustic Road soon, but with rain today and over the weekend I want to wait one more week. There will be water and Gatorade on the route, but feel free to carry what you need also.

Opportunity: The Cedarburg-Grafton Rotary Club is partnering with students in the Cedarburg and Grafton High Schools global scholarship programs to host a Walk 4 Water event to assist people in Africa and Haiti in accessing clean water.  To raise awareness, they are hosting a walk on May 18, 2019, at the Cedarburg High School, beginning at 9:00 A.M.

The walk is a 2 mile loop representing the distance many need to travel to find suitable water for their families.  The loop will be walked twice for those wanting to complete 4 miles. There is no charge to participate in the walk and there will be food and drinks available after the walk.  Donations are appreciated.

Please sign up using the link below and let’s help the approximately 780 million people around the planet who currently lack access to clean water.  The money raised will be used to drill wells and help save lives.


Per usual, hang around after our run for a cup of coffee at Fiddleheads!!!

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