Weekly Update 8.1.19

Food = Fuel

To be clear I am not sure that Beer is always the best source of fuel, but as runners most of you are acutely aware of the importance of what we eat and its impact on performance.  The other week I was speaking with a first time marathoner who was frustrated that all their miles were not leading to substantive weight loss, or if they did lose weight it often came at a cost to performance.  This article from Runner’s World gets at some of this dilemna that most runners face around the balance of fuel and healthy weight.

Group Run: We will meet at the Community Gym in Cedarburg 6am Saturday morning, and head out on the “Rustic Road Route.”  You can see the full route if you follow the group run link to our website.  There will be water and Gatorade on the route, but feel free to carry what you need also.

Per usual, hang around after our run for a cup of coffee at Fiddleheads!!!

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