Weekly Update 8.8.19

Running is good for your brain

We all know that exercise is good for us, and many of us wear devices that track our steps and tell us to make sure that we hit 10,000 or more steps, get up and move and more.  And just as much as running helps us burn calories, it also benefits is our brains.  More and more research suggests that running help our brains and can can even protect us from Alzheimer’s.  So enjoy your runs this week knowing that it helps your body and brain stay sharp and healthy.

Group Run: We will meet at the Community Gym in Cedarburg 6am Saturday morning, and head out on the “Cedar Creek Route.”  You can see the full route if you follow the group run link to our website.  There will be water and Gatorade on the route, but feel free to carry what you need also.

As always let us know how we can be cheering you on as you race (Rosa at her half iron man this weekend. GO ROSA!!!!) But also so we can celebrate with you as you notch those achievements.

Per usual, hang around after our run for a cup of coffee at Fiddleheads!!!

[email protected] Ozaukee