Weekly 8.15.19

80/20 Rule

A number of coaches and running authors have shared this idea, you should run 80% of your miles at an easy pace.  Easy means you are not sucking wind, praying the run is almost over, or getting withing 15-20 seconds of race pace.  You are then to run 20% of your runs hard.  Like really hard, like you finish the run/workout and you are proud of yourself because you pressed so hard.  On the other hand, I find that left to our own devices we will instead settle into no mans land.  Not hard, and not easy.  And from what research has shown, those middle effort runs help our fitness and running prowess minimally.  That what is best for growing our V02 max among other things is to focus on workouts being nice and easy or grind it out hard.  Just some perspectives on this from a Nike Running Coach.

Group Run: We will meet at the Community Gym in Cedarburg 7am Saturday morning, and head out on the “Rustic Road Route.”  You can see the full route if you follow the group run link to our website.  There will be water and Gatorade on the route, but feel free to carry what you need also.

Per usual, hang around after our run for a cup of coffee at Fiddleheads!!!

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