THE Run Ozaukee

Hello everyone,

Ever watch the NFL on TV and roll your eyes at the fact that so many players feel the need to introduce themselves and their college by accented “THE” really obnoxiously?  Me too…but it is way cooler, if we do it, and it’s talking about running 30 miles together, as a team, right?

Anticipation is building for the capstone event of the year, our very own THE Run Ozaukee! Mark your calendars now:

Saturday, November 16, 2019

The concept is a run across Ozaukee county on the Interurban Trail by the intrepid members of Run Ozaukee. Check out the attached overview for basic information.

The course is divided into four legs totaling about 29.2 miles of the Interurban Trail. Participate as an ultra, team, or independent runner:

  • Ultra – run entire course yourself (29.2 miles)
  • Team – combine with other runners, teammates take on designated legs:
    • Leg 1: 10 miles
    • Leg 2: 8 miles
    • Leg 3: 5.1 miles
    • Leg 4: 6.1 miles
  • Independent – just come out and run one of the legs to be part of the fun!

We will start promptly at 8:00 AM (7:00 AM for ultra runners) at the intersection of the Interurban Trail and Pebble Beach Rd. (County Hwy K) at the north end of the county. The finish line is the intersection of the Interurban Trail and County Line Rd. Party follows at Spanky’s Hideaway on County Line Rd.

Form a team or decide which leg(s) you want to run and email your intentions to Dan Jones ([email protected]).

More information on cost and logistics to follow soon. Looking forward to it and hoping for a big turnout this year!