Weekly Update 10.10.19

Good morning crew,

First of all, I want to begin by sending congrats to those who complete the Lakefront Marathon last weekend: Dan, David, Nora, Craig, Tera, Juan, Natalie, Sandy, and Rob! Great work to all, hope you have enjoyed some rest and good recovery this week after your great achievement. I also want to thank all of you who helped at the Run Ozaukee water stop.  This is a great chance each year to serve our community, and other runners, as well as get our name out there to share all that our group is and does.

Good luck to Doug, Lexi, Melinda, and Ryan as they toe the line with Olympic Champions at the Chicago Marathon on Sunday! The weather is looking great, enjoy one of my favorite cities!

WEEKEND RUN: We will meet in the Cedarburg Community Gym parking lot this Saturday at 7am then head out on the “John Taylor Route (backwards).” As always there will be water and Gatorade on the route. To see the map click on “weekend run” and it will take you to our website with maps of many of our common routes.

THE Run Ozaukee: I know you just got an email yesterday, but mark those calendars, Saturday November 16th, the second annual Run Ozaukee relay.  See yesterday’s email for more info.

As always plan to hang around for coffee and great conversation at Fiddleheads after our run.

Run Happy!!
Bill @ Run Ozaukee