Weekly Update 1.17.2020

Good morning crew.  It was strange not to see you all last week, but the choice to cancel seemed wise as I woke up to ice on Saturday.  Before we get to this week’s route I have a challenge. Nearly 100 of you get this email every week, and needless to say we don’t run with 100 people per weekend.  If you are getting this email, I am glad that you found Run Ozaukee and connected.  Here is my challenge.  Take one week in the next month to come out on a Saturday and try a run with us.  As someone who runs all of my weekday runs solo, having company on Saturdays is something that I look forward to.

Don’t worry about speed or distance.  Our group has a diversity of both those things most weeks. If you want to run 8-10 miles great, you also can come out and run 2-3 miles, just to see what our group is like.  Either way, I challenge everyone reading this note, to chose a week in the next month, come out on a Saturday at 7am and see what this group is all about, who knows you might get hooked like me, after trying out out on summer Saturday in 2012.

WEEKEND RUN: We will meet in the Cedarburg Community Gym parking lot this Saturday at 7am and try again this week to head out on the “Grafton Route.” As always there will be water and Gatorade on the route. To see the map click on “weekend run” and it will take you to our website with maps of many of our common routes. As always plan to hang around for coffee and great conversation at Fiddleheads after our run.

Run Happy!!
Bill @ Run Ozaukee