Weekly Update 2.20.2020

This week let’s start with something fun to read.  Craig passed along a great link to an article on 12 Things that You’ll Only Hear Runners Say.It was this great reminder that we have own our vocabulary, and that many things we say often would make any normal person laugh (see anytime that you refer to what you just ran as ONLY any distance larger than the walk to your refrigerator).  As I read it I was both aware of how weird it must be to those new to running to hear the conversations (I am doing 6×800 tomorrow….say what?), and the incredible community that we can laugh and cry and curse weather, hills, and blisters with.  Thanks for sharing in this journey together crew!

WEEKEND RUN: We will meet in the Cedarburg Community Gym parking lot this Saturday at 7am head out on the “John Taylor Route.” As always there will be water and Gatorade on the route. To see the map click on “weekend run” and it will take you to our website with maps of many of our common routes. As always plan to hang around for coffee and great conversation at Fiddleheads after our run.

Run Happy!!
Bill @ Run Ozaukee