Weekly Update 2.28.2020

Good morning crew.

It is that magic time of year when many of you start adding races to the calendar, and training programs ramp up for spring and summer races.  What I wondered today as I was out running is what do you have on your calendar? And more importantly what motivates you?  I know for some of you having a race is helpful to stay on track with training on the hard days.  I know for others races are a good accountability to see progress.  I also am getting more and more clear that although many of us don’t mind trying for a PR, that race results are not everything, nor do they reflect the breadth of all that you do.  So many of you log miles on early mornings, eat thoughtfully, recover with purpose and more.  I am challenging myself as I try yet again for a BQ (missed by 7 seconds last year) to enjoy the journey.  That what I learn on the journey of training and preparation is just as important to experience and learn from as the race.

WEEKEND RUN: We will meet in the Cedarburg Community Gym parking lot this Saturday at 7am head out on the “Grafton Route.” As always there will be water and Gatorade on the route. To see the map click on “weekend run” and it will take you to our website with maps of many of our common routes. As always plan to hang around for coffee and great conversation at Fiddleheads after our run.

Run Happy!!
Bill @ Run Ozaukee